A famous tea-stall in Islamabad

A famous tea-stall in Islamabad is grasping the attention of thousands of people across the globe. It’s not because the taste of the tea, it is actually because of the handsome man who sell the tea. The fair complexion, blue color eyes, thick brown mustache and the dazzling radiant looks the hearts of millions of people on social media.

He is a bit fortunate because public of Pakistan encourages him to join the media. A photographer Javeria Ali randomly took his photograph while roaming in Islamabad. She was not aware of the viral that went after uploading the picture. People start liking his looks and share it with one another.

Video Link: http://thenewstank.com/gu9w9

He becomes famous within hours. The people of India are also showing great interest in his photographs and saying that he is the next Fawad Khan of Pakistan. He is not educated and belongs to a poor family of Peshawar. He is doing the job of tea selling in Islamabad to support his family. He started the work at an early age because he had to support a large number of people of his family.

He is working hard to meet the needs of his family. The high cost of living urges him to work seven days a week. He is not even off on Sundays indeed. He is not just a good looking man, but also a very good tea maker. The tea of Arshad Khan activates the mind and energizes the drinker. Tea is enjoyed in almost every country.

People often compare Khan with the president of India, Modi, who once sells the tea. Khan gave interviews to different news channels and thanks the public for supporting him. He wishes to do something that would eventually change the days of his poor family. He did not want to sell the tea in Islamabad anymore.