A festival in Egypt

The news report of a circus show in Egypt is spreading like a wildfire on social media because it shows the sudden attacks of a loin on its own trainer. It is although ridiculous, but true anyways. This wild creature attacked his master during the show. She was giving him training to perform best in the grand finale. The spectators are making fun of the trainee.

This lion was trained by professionals, but it is quite difficult to predict about the mood of any wild creature of the nature. The ferocity of this lion shocked its female trainer in Egypt. She was giving her performance with the lion, but this performance was not executed as planned.

Video Link: http://thenewstank.com/crdCo

The trainer started the show with the dance and amused the public for a few minutes. The lion loses his sanity due to the hooting and the disturbance created by the spectators. The security staff of this circus show tried to control the situation, but all in vain. They fail to control the lion.

The trainer was immediately rescued and shifted to the nearest hospital. The doctors are satisfied with her medical reports and say that she is recovering slowly. This circus show of Egypt remains the center of focus for both; the local and foreign visitors.

The rich culture and ancient traditions of this country warmly welcomes the historians, archeologists and tourists of different countries. This show also gives a glimpse of the glorious past of one of the most famous ancient civilization of the world. Such events and festivals are specially organized to revive the glorious culture of ancient Egypt. Moreover, such news reports also provide entertainment and fun for the viewers.