A Firecracker prank

A firecracker prank urges the viewers to laugh blindly. The rating of this news report is also good on social media. A girlfriend tried to frighten her boyfriend by placing a series of firecracker in his bedroom. He was sleeping. He had no idea that he is going to suffer a prank played by his girlfriend.

She came in the room and places a large series of firecrackers on the bed. She tied some of these strips with the pants of the boy. She was so excited that she forgot to put a fire on them. Then she realizes her mistake and carefully put a fire on these crackers.

They busted in a while. Their sound was piercing into the ears. The drowsy and sleepy boy gets confused. He could not even imagine that someone is playing a prank with him. He was frightened and thought that his room accidently caught the fire. He screams for help and ran away.

He wants to call rescue team, but the smoke of the firecrackers was so dense that it becomes difficult for him to see anything. The crackers continue to burst abruptly. He also receives a few minor injuries near his legs.

He came out of his room. When he came to know about the reality; he showed anger, but later he forgets everything and celebrate the party with his girlfriend. This prank is humorous, but quite dangerous.

A Firecracker prank