A funny sequence of girl in driving test

This news report briefly portrays a funny sequence of a girl in her driving test. Her lame and unprofessional attitude showed that she was just wasting the time of her driving instructor. She was not paying attention to any of the driving lessons taught by the instructor.

She was busy to settle her make-up and other accessories. She was asked different questions to clear her theoretical driving test, but her funny answers urges the instructor to fail her. He starts making fun of her humorous answers. Even the girl was also laughing at her ridiculous answers.

Video Link: http://thenewstank.com/nGOQs

This news will be received good ratings on social media. People are literally mocking on the female drivers by giving this example. She said that she will hit her husband if he came in front of the car. The instructor asked her to hit the brake rather to hit any human being in such case.

It is the firm belief of some people that female are not good drivers, they just create fuss on the roads which results in accidents. The driving standard agencies across the globe did not give license until the candidate passes the exam with good marks. The driving test is quite difficult. They check the capability of the driver to handle the complex situations on the road.

Most of the female candidates had to appear several times to clear their test. The driving instructor plays a major role in this regard. She/he should teach the driving tips to the candidate. The awareness of road sense is also necessary to clear the test. Driving the cars on different types of roads also increases the confidence level of the candidate.