A prank with a dummy:

A prank with a dummy urges the viewers to laugh blindly. This news report showed how two guys played a prank by involving a female dummy and mother of one of these guys. Such hilarious acts of these guys are quite funny. They decided to make fool the mother.

They wrapped the dummy with a piece of cloth and pretend to molest her. One guy called the mother and asked her to see the acts of his son. The mother gets shocked to see the shameful acts of her son. She reacts abruptly without realizing the prank.

She literally hit her son and slaps him several times. The son could not able to control his laughter at that moment. The angered mother unveils the lady and realized that it was just a prank. She mocks on her stupidity, but still shouted at him.

She gets astonished on such a hilarious act of her son. She even targeted the friend of her son and blames him to deviate the attention of her son from the studies. This news report had gone viral on social media. People across the globe are showing their interest and enjoyed the acting of the social media artists.

Such news reports are intentionally released to lower down the stress level of the people of the 21st century. The words are not enough to express the unconditional love of a mother and son.

It is not wrong to state that words eventually become faded while expressing about such a sacred and pure relationship. As daughters are the little princess of their father, similar sons are the prince of their mothers. A slight glimpse of this unconditional love is shown in this prank.