A prank with boyfriend

This news report briefly portrays a prank played to awake the drowsy boyfriend. He was sleeping and not showing any interest in the party arranged by his peers. His girlfriend thought of an idea and played a prank by using firecrackers.

She bought a large strip of firecrackers and tied some of these strips with the pants of her sleepy boyfriend. It makes her laugh on him. She could not be able to control her laughter after imagining the scene of bursting the crackers. She put a fire on it and left the room.

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They took a second to explode. The shrill of this explosion irritates a lot. The boy wakes within a second. He was scared of the sound and smoke of these crackers. He ran out of his room immediately, but the fire crackers tied with his pants were still bursting in an abrupt way.

This scene was quite humorous. He shouted on all of his peers. Everyone makes fun of his silliness. They told him that the idea of this prank came from none other than his own girlfriend. His wrathful behavior makes everyone serious in the party.

But this was the prank played by this man. He also tried to fool his peers by showing fake anger. The situation has become normal after the series of pranks they played with one another. This news report is released just for the purpose of fun and entertainment.