A sad incident in Pakistan

The news report of the sad incident in Pakistan wets the eyes of the viewer. It is quite difficult to see a series of painful and disturbing footages of a dead body. This incident occurred near a small town adjacent to Layya city. A girl got trapped by a boy. She could not able to realize that the boy is just using her for his evil intentions.

He had no sincere feelings for her. The girl is quite young that is why she got trapped. She escaped from her house. The family of the girl could not able to control themselves. The mother was badly missing her daughter. They tried their best to register FIR against the boy, but all in vain. After a few weeks, the dead body of the girl was found suspended on a tree.

Video Link: http://thenewstank.com/dHLYl

The waves of terror and dread infused the atmosphere.  The police was also involved with the boy. They molested the girl and throw her away. The police department of Pakistan is not working for the benefits of the public. It is not wrong to state that police is one of the major sources that crudes this society.

There are countless news reports that showed the involvement of the police in most of the criminal cases. The government of Pakistan should take certain steps to improve this department. On the other hand, non-governmental organizations of Pakistan are taking many incentives for the betterment of the society.

They are working hard to prevent the women from the evil eyes of the man, but they need sources to achieve their targets. The lack of finances and other sources creates hurdles in their way.