Absurdity in the pranks

Absurdity in the pranks creates different problems in some cases. The place, the content and to whom the prank is played is really important. Pranks can offer a lot of fun and entertainment if it is done in a funny way.  This news report had shown a series of ridiculous pranks played by a woman who was in the phase of her periods.

She was just trying to seek the attention of the public. She tried her best to attract the men. She uses some of her fake ideas to grasp the attention of a large crowd. She did not bother to answer the questionable eyes of the people roaming on the streets. This series of pranks left negative impacts on the mind of children. The woman shown in the report is making fun of herself.

Video Link: http://thenewstank.com/tdom6

She is actually trying to create a series of obscenities on the streets of Europe. Her evil mind and bold gestures allow her to cross all the boundaries. On the other hand, people were also gazing her with weird sight. No one is willing to help her. She played lot of games, but no one bothered to help such a clumsy woman.

Some of the users of social media create ridiculous content to make money. A best example is clearly seen in this news report. Their narrow minded approach urges them to cross all the limits of ethnicity. They are creating such a lame and poor content that waste the time of the users.

Pranks are not played to upset or hurt the feelings of anyone. It is really important to considered different factors before playing any sort of a prank. The case show in this news report is absolutely opposite. Money and wealth is the main focus of the people who make an absurd video.