Atrocities in the streets of Kashmir

The news reports of atrocities in the streets of Kashmir are not new. There are thousands of cases that showed how the people of Kashmir are suffering hard for their survival. This news report also showed one of such incidents. It is quite disturbing and painful story. The Muslim women are badly treated by the people of Indian army.

They forced them to do such acts that are against the ethics. Army men beat and hit these women with different types of sticks. They tried to molest them in public places and destroy their entire life. The evidence is clearly seen in a short clip of this news report. The streets of the Kashmir are full of blood splashes.

Each and every corner of this land is shedding the tears of sorrows. The Indian army creates many problems for the Muslim men so they cannot even go to the mosque to offer the prayers. Regrettably, they remained refrained from all of their religious acts. No law of the world allows anyone to stop a man from his/her religion.

The people of Kashmir are facing many such miseries in their life. Unfortunately, no one in this world is willing to understand the criticality of the matter and want to take certain incentives that had positive effects on the lives of the Kashmiris. The value of human life is zero in this land.

Thousands of people are put to death without a reason. Hundreds of women are harassed and molested daily. It seemed that Indian army feed on the flesh, bones and blood of the people of Kashmir. It is really difficult to express the pain of the people living there.