Bull attacks on a woman

The news report of Bull attacks on a woman is receiving a high rating on social media. This news is grasping the attention of the animal lovers. People usually show interest in the reports that are customary in nature. They get bored to see the conventional news related to politics, terrorism or sports.

The intention of releasing such news reports is to freshen the stressful minds of the people. She used certain techniques to escape from the animal hit. Although, things do not go in favor of that woman. She loses her balance as him horns of the bull hits her. She fell down on the ground.

The wild animal tried his best to harm the woman. He uses his legs and horn to hurt his competitor. The rescue team and other security members control the situation. The woman receives several injuries on different areas of her body.

She was immediately taken to the nearest medical unit for the treatment. A sudden chaos prevailed on the ground after this incident. The spectators give mixed reviews on this incident. They were quite astounded to see the viciousness of this wild creature.

The bull won this competition. The spectators supporting the animal were really happy. They bucked up the bull and utter a loud clamorous shout to mock on the woman. That is why this news report is spreading like a wildfire.

Bull attacks on a woman