A Circus show in Egypt

Egypt is the land known for having the roots of one of the most famous ancient civilization of the world. It is the land where one can find millions of traces of the world’s first organized society. Historians and archeologists believed that most of the rich traditions and culture have been originated from the land of ancient Egypt.

The ruins and pyramids of ancient Egypt grasp the attention of millions of people across the year. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World as well. The ancient civilizations of Egypt settle along the banks of the River Nile. Initially people of this society were hunter gatherers, but later transformed themselves into agriculturists.

The waters of the river provide them with the variety of food. Moreover, the fertility of the land was also good near the banks of the river. The glimpses of ancient traditions and culture are still found in this land. An example is clearly seen in this news report where people organize a circus show for the public.

Different animals and birds are specially trained for this show. Trainees work hard to give the best performances. Unfortunately, one of the lion attacked his own trainee in a brutal way. A chaos was observed at the show after this incident.

Spectators, participants and organizers get confused and could not be able to control the situation. The trainee was immediately shifted to the nearest medical units. She received many injuries on her body. She is out of danger now. Although; this painful incident spoils the entire circus show of Egypt to some extent. This news is grasping the attention of animal lovers on social media.

A Circus show in Egypt