Competition between a bull and a woman

The competition between a bull and a woman astounded the world. This news report showed how both the members of this competition fought for the victory. It is not wrong to state that both the competitors were playing really good. Their body language and gestures were quite positive.

They are ready to face on another despite the fact that either of a member will win. The competitions are organized to groom the immature minds of the people. The things go in the favor of the bull. He hit the woman and physically hurt her. She got confused for a while as she could not able to come back in the game due to injuries.

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The first half of the game goes in favor of the woman, but the entire result was changed when bull came in action and hit his competitor. The rescue team controlled the situation in time. The spectators were quite thankful to them. They provide first aid treatment to the victim and immediately shifted her to the hospital.

It was really difficult to control the heavy , weighing animal, but they manage to control the anger of the bull. The reviews of animal lovers are quite interesting on this account. They are showing a great interest in this competition. Moreover, children are also admiring the courageous acts of this wild animal.