The daughter of Donald Trump

Donald Trump shares his feelings about his beautiful daughter in an interview. The relation between father and daughter is one of the purest relationships of the world. Usually little girl first male love was her father. The words sometimes fade to express the purity of this relationship.

It is really important for father to keep integrity for the little princess to strengthen their bond. Ivanka Trump is one of the most beautiful ladies according to her father, and it is an accepted fact that fathers usually love their little princes from the bottom of their hearts.

Trump said in his interview that if she was not his daughter, then he would be surely dating with this nightingale-beauty. The news spread like a wild fire on social and electronic media. Different people are highlighting this news report and presenting it negatively.

The reviews of social media users also shocked the viewer for a while. It is just a joke shares by Donald Trump, but media are creating a fuss of nothing. There are different cases that showed how evil nature of fathers destroys the life of their daughters, but the meaning of Trump is quite different.

In some countries, the percentage of victimizing the women by wrong attempt is increasing day by day; the evil intentions of a man forget all the values of the relationship that is why they brutally molest their own daughter and sister.

This question is often rising on various platforms that how the daughter of this society is not saved in her own home and suffers the most painful tragedy of her life. But no one had any answer. Unfortunately, such cases are frequently recurring in our societies.