Death on a live TV show

This news report briefly portrays the fake death on a live TV show. It actually fools the viewers and waste the time of people. The TV show that belongs to this category is simply the wastage of time and money. The spectators spend a huge amount to see this live. A female doctor and a fake magician put machine on the chest of the host so that people could easily see and hear the heart beats of the host.

After a few minutes, the host felt some trouble, gradually his heart stop beating and eventually paused for thirty seconds. The spectators and other guests’ become shock to see this live. Although the entire team of the TV show are making fool to audience and social media users.

These types of shows are intentionally telecasted to gain the high rating and make money. People are giving negative reviews on this show. It is the 21st century and a man of today is not dumb enough so that everyone could make fool to him. It is not wrong to say that his TV show telecasted something that is against the ethics of the humanity.

This TV show neither gives entertainment, nor any information. It actually tried to challenge the superiority and the powers of the Almighty. No religion of this world allows to challenge the Almighty. These shows are not appropriate to watch with families and kids.

It contains unethical contents that had adverse effects on a society. It is the duty of the electronic media authority to have a detailed review of such type of TV shows, it should be banned for future because these controversial shows really had adverse effects not just for the viewers but it also harms the respect of the participants.

Death on a live TV show