A disgustful call in a TV show

A disgustful call in a TV show in Pakistan astounded the viewers and guests for a while. This news report had shown a shot clip of this incident. The news is receiving good ratings on social media. People across the world are highlighting the issues and making fun of that caller.

This TV show is telecasted for the purpose of fun and entertainment, but callers do not understand and start sharing their personal problems with the hosts and guest of the TV show. The electronic and print media in Pakistan is quite advanced,

It gives almost all types of TV shows related to different fields of life, although uncertainties in the live shows may create problems sometimes. There are countless examples of similar incidents that is why some the directors banned the live calls in their shows. The attitude and language used by the callers are quite unpredictable.

Such weird incidents may harm the rating of the TV show. It is regrettable that some of the directors and producers of famous TV channels are misusing electronic media. They are telecasting such a content that literally waste the time of the public.

The best example is seen in the morning shows. This type of shows neither gives entertainment, nor any information. These shows are not appropriate to watch with families. The management of the TV show fails to achieve their aim as the show messed up due to the language used by the caller.

The caller became too hyper and can’t able to control her emotions, she blindly says strange things on a TV without thinking about anyone. The host also tried to control his laughter, but fails in front of the camera.