Fake magical tricks on a TV show

Fake magical tricks on a TV show are trying to grasp the attention of a large number of people on social and electronic media. This news report briefly portrayed how people are making fool to one another in this high tech world of the 21st century. It is quite regrettable that people still believe in something that is absolutely ridiculous.

The fake doctor and her magical tricks pause the heartbeat of the man for thirty seconds in the live TV show. Although; it was just an acting. Nothing is real in this case. But it seemed that the audience was totally grasped in the ambience created by this woman.

Video Link: http://thenewstank.com/9xJ77

The electronic media and its contribution for the betterment of society is exemplary, but at the same time there is a great harm to society by airing the controversial shows like this. It hurts the feelings of most of the people. It is an anti-religion act. One cannot watch such a poor content with families and especially with children. TV channels telecasted this type of shows for their popularity and rating.

They forgot that they are playing with dignity and respect of someone. In such type of TV shows, participants became too hyper and can’t able to control their emotions. The example is seen in this case as well. The host loses the control and tried his best to fool a large number of people. This news report is not receiving any good reviews by social media users.

It is the responsibility of the media authority of a country to take a strict action among TV channels that are making fun of the lives of people by broadcasting the TV show that had poor and lame content. Life and death is not a game of thirty or sixty seconds. It is something that lies only in the hands of the Almighty; This TV show should be banned for future because it is spreading negativity and distracting the people from their own religions and beliefs.