Funny sequences of the road incident

This news report briefly portrays the funny sequences of the road accident. It shows how some of the clever girls took an unfair advantage of their gender. The news is receiving interesting reviews and funny comments from the users of social media.

There are many news reports of road incident, but no one portrays such a hilarious acting of the victim. A girl was riding on her bicycle on the dense vegetated road. She was enjoying the natural beauty and listening songs to unwind her mind.

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She was involved in her own world of eternity and peace. Suddenly, she falls down and receives minor injuries. She rescued herself, but her bicycle could not able to work properly. She gets confused for a while, but manages to it on the road. She wants to take help form the passersby, but no one bothers to help.

Then she decided to play tricks to attract the people. Unfortunately, not even a single man was attracted towards this girl. Her body language and gestures did not show that she was suffering from a minor incident.
All her tricks were failed for a moment. She became frustrated and exhausted due to the attitude of the strangers. The ambience of the entire scene is also hilarious.

The acting of this girl is really interesting. Her expression exactly depicts the cases, people often saw in their own country. At last, this puzzle headed girl laid in the middle of the main road and pretends to lose the nerves due to the road incident. The stone hearted people did not notice and continue to move on their own ways. A greedy man from a car step out of it and abducted the bicycle. He actually steals the bicycle and ran away. The girl gets astound and start screaming on the main road.