Geelong Beach in Australia

Geelong Beach of Australia is a place visited by thousands of people across the year. The beach resorts in different provinces of Australia give the scenic seascapes to the visitor. Especially in summers, the rate of visitors becomes quite high and it became quite difficult for the management to spy on each and every visitor.

The incredible range of water sports offered at the beach grasp the attention of the local and foreign visitors. The beach filled with a number of swimmers and surfers throughout the year. According to a survey the lifeguards and the rescue team save the lives of five thousand people in a peak season of the summer of Australia.

It is one of the best places to enjoy the leisure walk. There is no comparison of the marvels of the nature and the historical grandeur of Australia. The tourism authority offers discount vacation packages for the peak season.

It also offers economic tourism packages for couples, families and friends. Moreover, natural beauty, exotic food, the vibrant city life and the active nights also attract thousands of visitors annually.

The drowning incidents at Geelong Beach are not new, but this news report had shown the tragedy faced by a horse. The over wet sand of the beach dangers the life of a horse. He got stuck in the sand and suddenly fell down.

Fortunately he was saved by the rescue team, but he received many injuries on different parts of his body. The owner of the horse could not able to see the pain of his beloved animal. The whole incident was caught by the eyes of the camera and the news received positive rating form the viewers across the globe.