Greed on a thousand rupees note

The news report of the greed on a thousand rupees note is receiving a good rating on social media. This funny and hilarious report makes the viewer to laugh. The closed-circuit television footage of a college showed the greed of the girls on one thousand rupee note.

It seemed that someone played a prank to test the mindset of the college girls. He put thousand rupees note on the veranda. Many girls passed through veranda and see that note. They desperately want to pick that note. They tried their best to pick it up, but all in vain.

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May be it was the fear of the teachers or principal that stopped them to do such a ridiculous act. The feeling of Avariciousness was clearly seen in their eyes. They throw their own belongings in order to prove that this note was also theirs. One of them dares to pick it up, but at the last moment, she suspects that someone was watching her. That is why she laid that note again.

The intention of releasing this news report is just to provide fun and entertainment to the viewers. It is not released to hurt the feelings of anyone. The greed of wealth and love of money mentally disturbs the life of a person. One should not wish to become richer and richer throughout his/her life.

All the religions of this world does not allow its followers to have a greed of wealth. Islam had given a detailed account on this. The Holy Quran and the saying of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) clearly tell the issues related to wealth. Almighty dislike the people having the greed of money.