A handsome tea-boy in Islamabad

The news report of a handsome tea-boy in Islamabad has gone viral on social and electronic media. This report briefly portrays the story of a handsome teenage boy who becomes famous within hours. He sells tea in Islamabad.

One of the photographers captured the picture of his attracted face and uploaded in on social media. People get crazy after seeing the photographs of this handsome boy. The photographs receive thousands of likes. People claim that this man named Arshad Khan is more attractive than the heart throbbing Fawad Khan.

By the way both are Khans. Different News channels took his interviews and want to know the secrets behind his enticing face. He has blue colored eyes and a brown color thick mustache. He shares his feelings and wants to earn more for a better living.

He belongs to a poor family of Peshawar. His parents sent him to Islamabad for the job. He starts earning at the age of twelve. His customers claim that the taste of the tea he made is really great. A man gets fresh and active after taking the tea prepared by Arshad Khan.

His fan following is not just limited to Pakistan, but this boundary infused in India as well. He is encouraged by a large group of female fans. The people of Islamabad are taking photographs with this tea-boy and tasted the tea that he is selling on his stall. People expect to see him as a professional model or actor.

His well-wishers are sending him good wishes for the future. Initially, he did not show any interest in joining the media industry of Pakistan, but soon he realizes that it is a good opportunity to change the fate.