A hilarious driving test

This news report had shown a hilarious driving test of a girl. It urges the viewer to laugh blindly. It is commonly believed that females are not good drivers. They usually disturb the entire traffic on the road and create unexpected chaos while sitting on the driving seat.

An example of such case is shown in this report as well. It shows how girls get confused while driving and hit the things finally. The driving instructor asked the lady whom will she hit the first if either if her brother or husband came while she was driving at high speed.

Despite to concentrate on the question, she spontaneously reacted and answers that she will hit her husband first. The teacher ridicules her for her stupidity. He says it is a driving test so rather to hit anyone you should hit the break first. This hilarious act of the girl urges the viewer to laugh at her clumsiness.

The driving standards agencies of different countries execute the test to provide the license of candidates. This practical driving is quite strict, because the driving agencies could not able to afford any risk. The candidates’ often follow certain tips to prevent the shaky nerves before their practical exam.

The negative mental spiral of the man distracts him/her throughout this test. The driving exam shown in this news report is completely different from the conventional exams, but it is quite interesting.

The news has gone viral on social media. The users of social media are giving hilarious comments and unique reviews on the funny answers of the girl. Some people did the parody of this girl to have fun with social media users.

A hilarious driving test