A horse on the beach of Australia

A horse on the beach of Australia remains the center of attention of some of the users of social media. This news report had shown that horse was submerged in the wet sand of Geelong beach. He could not able to control his body and fell down.

The owner of the horse gets tensed to see this critical situation. She immediately called the rescue team to save the life of her horse. She gets depress to see the pain of her horse. The rescue operation gets successful, but horse receives many injuries. He was in the recovery phase.

Video Link: http://thenewstank.com/n6PVW

The words are not enough to express the natural beauty of Australia. A man becomes speechless after seeing the marvels of mother earth on Australia. It is one of the best vacation spots. The tourism industry and other travel agencies offered vacation packages for families, friends and couples.

People across the world travel Australia to enjoy the creative adventures offered by this marvelous piece of land. It is often considered as a dream land of some people. The diversity of animals, plants and aquatic creatures in the land of this country encourages the eco-tourists to explore the unseen boundaries of this land. The amalgamation of modern and classical architecture also attracts the people.

The historical buildings had interesting features depicting the layers of time. The beautiful streets and boulevards in different cities of Australia are embellished with dense tropical trees that give an ambience of linear garden. It is no doubt that this land of the earth showed a glimpse of paradise. It is also one of the favorite places of the movie directors. The incredible scenes of some movies were recorded on the beautiful sites in Australia.