Human with heroic powers

Human with heroic powers usually grasps the attentions of people across the world. Some people love to see the movies with the characters of supernatural abilities. People also wished to have such qualities within them as it makes them superior from others. This news report had also shown a series of human beings that are blessed with some extraordinary abilities.

Their courageous acts and daring actions astounded the world for a minute. Their heroic powers make them heroes of the real world. Liam Hoekstra is a kid who is blessed with superpowers by Almighty. He stands at the age of just two days. It seemed that he built up his body like a professional body builder, but he had a God gifted ability.

Ben Underwood is another hero of this era. His eyes were removed because he had cancer in his retina. Even though; he is blessed with the ability to detect objects by sensing echoes. In a way he is like a normal human being, he walk, ride and play like other people of his age group.

Wim Hof is also known as iceman, he had the ability to stand in ice for many days. He set many world records due to his heroic powers. Stephen Wiltshire is an architectural artist; he was mute when diagnosed with autism. People become speechless after seeing his marvelous work of art. He had the ability to sketch cityscape with photorealistic details.

Michel Lotito ha the ability to eat indigestible objects like metals. He eats bicycles, airplanes and many cars to show his heroic talents. Kim Peek is another name in this list; he was awarded as a mega savant due to his extraordinary memory. He can read two pages of the books at once. He read books in minutes and remembers each and every information written in it that is why people often say him a living encyclopedia.

Human with heroic powers