Human trafficking in ISIS

Human trafficking in ISIS is the major issue of the society today. It is being discussed in the talk shows and many other TV programs. There are countless articles and columns that highlight this issue. The trading of human not only disturbs the social structure of the society, but also destroys the socio-economic structure of the entire country.

It is really regrettable that cases of atrocity on women are spreading like a wildfire. This is not just the case of ISIS. There are thousands of towns and villages in the world where women are seen from the sight of inferiority. People sell them like an object and hurt their dignity.

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The words eventually fade to describe the painful sensation of the victimized women shown in this news report. The pain was clearly seen in their eyes. They came from different backgrounds, but most of them were coming from marginalized populations. The lack of education and the growth in abusive home becomes one of the major reasons to victimize these women.

The people of ISIS are selling the women like an object. They are treating them as their slaves. They forced them to do the acts that are against their ethics. The short clip shown in this news report is an evidence of the brutality of ISIS on women. Nowadays, some people volunteer themselves as anti-human trafficking activists.

They are trying to take certain incentives to control this issue to some extent. Although, it is really difficult to control the situation in short span of time. They are looking for the solutions that minimize the human trade and enhance the social status of women in the backward societies.