Hurriedness of Obama

Hurriedness of Obama and his sudden and violent kick urge the viewers to laugh blindly. The funny acts American President makes fun of his own personality. The users of social media and mocking at him. Although, Obama is considered as a decent and sober man, but the funny kick shown in this news report fades the soberness of his personality.

He was addressing the public on some important occasion. The sources revealed that his speech was quite impressive. The entire hall was infused with pin drop silence during the speech. People are really attentive and showing interest in each and every talks of Obama. He winds up all of his talk in a professional way.

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He had to open the door to reach the back stage. Rather to unlock and open door knob from the hand, he kicked it off and rush somewhere hurriedly. His blunt act was astounding at that moment. People attending the ceremony were quite surprised to see this hilarious action of Obama. They could not able to control their laughter.

People recorded the video and took several photographs of the blooper that mistakenly committed by the President of United States. That is why this news report is spreading like a wildfire. The comments and reviews on social media are also interesting.

This report is receiving a good rating as well. The news reports related to funny and silly acts of famous celebrities remain the center of attention for many people. The viewers are curious to see the lighter side of famous personalities. There are many examples that showed similar cases occurred with different celebrities and artists.