Immoral acts in Pakistan

This news report had shown an eye wetting incident occurred in Pakistan. The mind and soul of the viewer shatters to see the footages of a dead body of a little girl that was hung on a tree. The sources revealed that this girl escaped from her house. She took the jewels and money along. She is illegally committed to someone.

Although, the boy was not fair with her. He simply wants to use her for her evil intentions. It seemed that the girl was harassed by the group of men. The mind could not able to grasp the reality of this painful story for a while. The shameful acts like corruption, bribery, robbery and harassment are becoming common in the society of Pakistan.

Some of the sources also revealed that the police is involved in this case, because they did not register FIR when the father of the girl asked them to do so. The department of police should act as the guardian of the citizens, but it is really regrettable that the police of Pakistan is involved in all the bad deeds and responsible for spreading negativity among the people.

This society is facing many social problems because of the corrupt police. The department of police should work sincerely for the betterment of their country. But the case of Pakistan is quite opposite. This department relied on bribery. They suppressed the voices of poor and helped those who feed them with money and wealth.

In this regard, the government of Pakistan should take some serious steps and try to eradicate this dirt from the society. The social and electronic media are highlighting the case. The chief minister of Punjab ensures to provide the justice for the family of the departed soul.

Immoral acts in Pakistan