Imran Khan promises rally against PMLN government

The news reports of political disputes between the current government and other political parties are quite common. A recent gathering of Imran Khan at the city of Chicha Watni once again raises bundles of question for PMLN and its ministers. This news remains the highlight for diffident local and international channels. The huge fans following of Khan encourage him to speak straight from the shoulder. A large number of people gathered to support Imran Khan. The aggressive speeches and the positive body language of Khan urge the people to vote for his party.

Khan asked the public to join him in the rally of Tehreek-e-Ehtisab against government. He gave different examples of ministers who literally cheat their nations. Once Panama leaks mentioned the name of Prime minister of Iceland in their paper, the electronic media and the public force him to resign. The entire nation of Iceland joins their hand and collectively raises their voices to secure their country from corrupt politicians. The controversies of Panama Leaks are although a great threat for PMLN.

They are trying to cover the matter, but could not able to put a veil on the whole situation. On the other hand, all the members of PTI are constantly highlighting this issue in talk shows, interviews and speeches. The electronic and social media of Pakistan are playing a vital role as opposition party for government. These two mediums are enough to unveil most of the political and socio-economic matters of the country. Everyone knows the truth of current government, but people could not dare to speak against them.

The fright of PMLN does not allow the public to take certain steps against the corrupt system of democracy. Khan alleged that the sons of Nawaz Sharif own offshore companies. He also claimed that the entire nation of Pakistan is being enslaved as Sharif family is taking great debts for their personal uses. It is only the Khan who bluntly speaks in front of everyone. He actually wants to aware the political sense inside the youth of this country; bowing before oppressor is considered as crime in the dictionary of Khan.

He intends to spruce up the mind and soul of a young generation of Pakistan. Most of the national institutions of Pakistan are being ruined and corrupted due to care negligence of our current government. The administrative system of institutions like FIA, FBR and NAB gets worse and worse due to care negligence of PMLN. The instinctive motives of Khan urge the people to stand for their country and ask the government for all the answers to his questions.

The language used by Khan is not appropriate. It is unethical to use slang words when you are addressing a huge crowd. The instability in the political and socio economic matters of Pakistan is actually a great threat towards the success of this country. Regrettably, our politicians are playing a major role in destroying the Islamic democratic system. A good democratic system simply focuses on health, clean water and education. Regrettably, our system is deprived from all the basic necessities.

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