Incident just after a wedding

The news report of a serious incident just after a wedding is quite shocking for most of the viewers. It shatters the mind for a minute. After the wedding vows and the ceremony, the couple sit in the car of their friend. The wife of the friend is also with them. Four of these people went to enjoy their life.

The bride and the groom were sitting on the back seat of the car and second couple was sitting in front. Suddenly, the driver loses the control of the car and sharply hit it on the utility pole of metal. The car roll over several times. The engine catches the fire and ultimately harms the people inside it.

The bride loses the battle of her life on the spot. The other three were immediately transferred to the nearest hospital unfortunately; the groom was also departed into another world. The condition of the second couple is really critical. The doctors lose the hope of their survival as well. This accident was really severe.

The fatal incident just after a wedding is something that really hurts everyone. The entire incident was shown in the animation. A viewer becomes speechless after seeing the entire video of this news report. This painful incident disturbs the mind for a while. The police also started the investigation and trying to figure out the actual cause of this incident, but it seemed that it was all the fault of the driver.

His carelessness ultimately swallowed two precious lives. The users of social media network are sending sympathies and condemnations to the relatives of the bride and groom. On the other hand, it seemed that there is a huge mystery behind this mysterious road accident just after a wedding ceremony.

Accident just after a wedding