Inhumane acts of ISIS

Inhumane acts of ISIS literally shock the viewers. This news report had shown one of the most serious issues people are facing due to the inhumane behavior of ISIS people. The issue is nothing but a human trafficking, the girls usually become victim of such painful tragedies. These acts have been going on for decades.

Many social welfare organizations and human activists’ foundation tried to eradicate this dirt from society, but they failed badly. This crime was practiced since the historical times. It is believed that trading of human was the main business of some of the ancient civilizations.

The greed of money, urges the people to smuggle human from underdeveloped areas to the well developed areas of the world. Nowadays ISIS is among the top list of the parties’ committing such crimes. They had their agents in almost all the countries of the world. They keep spying the areas where the human trade is possible.

The evidence is clearly shown in this news report. This news shatters the mind and soul of the viewer. It is receiving negative reviews on social and electronic media. Most of the times, the victims of human traffic lose the battle of their lives at an early stage. Many of them lose their consciousness. They are forced and tricked to do the work that is totally against their will.

Regrettably, it is billion dollar industry in the world today. ISIS plays a major role in its flourishing. The news report had shown the reality of heinous accusations of ISIS on women. It was really shocking to see the inhumane acts of ISIS on innocent women. The mind could not able to accept this bitter truth.