Innocence in teenage

Innocence in the teenage often creates many problems for both parents and children. This phase of life is really important. It actually built the entire career of the life. The one who successfully cleared different phase of teenage would eventually lead towards success. And the one whose life got disturbed at teenage would suffer throughout the life.

The major responsibility lies on the shoulders on parents. They should try their best to bring harmony into their relationship with their teens. They should break the boundaries and become the friends of their children. They should not let them do what they want.

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In fact, parents should teach them the sense of right and wrong things by giving them different examples and openly discuss the matters with them. Parents should give appropriate time to their teens to know them better. Otherwise the things get complicated. The evidence is briefly showed in the short clip of this news report.

A teenage girl got trapped by a man who was fortunately the son of her father’s friend. This man did not have any evil intention. He tried his best to teach a lesson to the girl who claim to be her girlfriend. Only four weeks passed of their friendship and she wants him to pass the time with her in a hotel room. The guy called the parents of that girl.

She was caught red handed by her parents in a hotel room. The bond between the girl and her parents was not strong. The autocratic behavior of father urges this girl to cross all the boundaries. She could not able to understand the criticality of the matter at this stage of her life. A single mistake or carelessness can destroy her entire life.