Lives of Muslims in India

India is regarded as the gem of culture among sub-continent countries, but this cultural gem has no place where Muslims are protected from the evils of non-Muslim community. Regrettably, the religious boundaries create trouble for many people.

It is ridiculous that people are still fighting on the basis of cast, color and religion in this high-tech world.  This news report also shown the similar case. A Muslim woman ends her own life with her two sons because she was exhausted from the brutality of the Hindus. These shameful incidents literally slap the humanity.

On the other hand, the governmental and non-governmental organizations of this country are taking certain measures to minimize such cases, but they fail to eradicate the abhorrence of Muslims from the hearts of non-Muslim. Such painful incidents are increasing day by day in India.

The print and social media of India is full of such cases. According to their electronic media, government and other organizations failed to control the situation. The social activists and different celebrity artists are trying to organize the seminars and aware the public about the laws of humanity.

It is not wrong to state that no religion, culture cast or color is greater than humanity. Although some of the stone hearted people tried to hide the cases that shows such painful stories, but thanks to social and electronic media that brings awareness among people.

It is the 21st century that is why it is really ridiculous to be a part of such a barbaric and uncivilized society. The basic principles of almost all the religion do not allow to hurt the humanity, but some people of India do not want to understand this scenario and constantly trying to hurt the Muslims of their own country.

Lives of Muslims in India