Mob attacks on leopard in Kerala

The mob attacks on leopard in Kerala are the news report that everyone should ashamed of. The stone hearted villagers of Kerala took the life of that leopard who forget his way an mistakenly arrived near human dwellings.

This innocent animal was unaware of the fact that human beings are the most wild creatures on this earth. The news report was intentionally released to prevent the frequent execution wildlife.

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The environmental activists across the globe are making efforts to minimize the harm given by humans to these wild animals, but still people are not paying any attention to their concerns. People are unaware of the danger caused by the extinction of these wild creatures of the mother earth.

The authorities of wildlife of different countries including India are making certain strategies to provide a safe environment for the wild creatures. The wildlife suffers a lot and affects the eco-system of the earth after the so called industrial revolution. A glimpse of evidence is seen in this news report of Kerala. The main reason of animal suffering is nothing but the rapid and haphazard urbanization. The destruction of forest threatens the life of most of the organism. The recently emerging ideas of sustainable urban development have been considering the issues of environmental destruction and trying to minimize the adverse effects of development on the wildlife.

It is the responsibility of each individual to prevent the eco-system. India is the country that is facing many issues related to global warming. Some areas of this country are adversely affected by the environmental pollution that results in the loss of the lives of several species of wildlife. The people of Kerala set a really bad example of how they treat the animal.