Mother and son relationship

The relationship of mother and son is often considered as one of the most sacred relations of this world. In almost all of the cases, both of them loved each other from the bottom of their hearts. They funny fights, pranks and the game of love and anger are essential to strengthen the relationship.

An example is seen in this news report where a son played a hilarious prank to tease his mother. His friend was also involved in the prank, but the mother of the guy is not aware of any such thing. They brought a female dummy and vitiate the get-up of that mummy.

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They put a veil on her body and pretend that she was molested by the son. The mother could not able to control herself after seeing such a weird situation. She gets confused and starts shouting at her son. She slapped him and expresses her obscenities to show the anger.

She did not care about any relationship at that time. On the other, her jocund son was enjoying a lot. He was laughing on the acts of his mother and asked her unveil the face of his fake girlfriend. The mother was shocked to see the female dummy. She breathes normally after realizing that it was just a prank.

Although; she showed her anger and abused her son and his friend. This news report is receiving a good rating on the internet. Some of the users of social media enjoyed it a lot, while others are giving negative reviews on such a dirty prank. The positive side of this entire scenario shows that the relationship of mother and son is really important for both of them.