The movie industry of Pakistan

The movie industry of Pakistan smashed the screens in past few years. The efforts of the film producers, directors, writers and even actors/actresses are really admirable. This film industry of is enthusiastically competing with the Bollywood and Hollywood. Our filmmakers are pushing the movie industry and encouraging the public to praise the local films. The stories of the movies typically revolve around different sequences of melodramas and love stories. It also addresses the social and political issues of Pakistan.

It also portrays the glimpses of daily lives of people from different provinces of Pakistan. The acting of the celebrities and the music of the movies also grasps the attention of the public. It is actually responsible for lower or higher rating of the film in the nation and international level. The performance of different artists, their body language and chemistry is also one of the most important features of the entire film. A recent releases of three Pakistani movies proud the nation. No one could even expect the three films are running on the prestigious occasion of Eid-ul-Azha.

There is no visible competition of these movies with the Bollywood release. The battle is typically between the three movies that are made in Pakistan. It is seen that Nabeel Qureshi’s Actor in law, dominates the box office so far, whereas Jannan is also coming close to beat the record. These films are breaking many records. It is often said by local and international viewers, that these films are able to grip the interest of the watcher. It involves the subconscious of a man.

It is really a great achievement for the movie industry of the country like Pakistan. Each and every actor portrays his/her character with full loyalty. The intensity of their acting is clearly shown on the big screens. They completely indulge in the scenes and mold their bodies, according to the character assigned to them that is why viewers are completely lost in their world. The most wonderful part of the whole scenario is the art of money making. These films are making good money on national and international platform.

These films are inspired by the lives of our citizens and it also represents the local community of Pakistan. It is the responsibility of government to renovate the old cinemas and built new theaters that are capable to cater a large gathering for the movie watchers. These incentives have been taken, but still there need a lot of work and effort to improve the conditions of our cinemas. Now there is quite a big challenge for upcoming filmmakers of Pakistan.

The industry had started its journey towards progression. It depends on the youngsters that how they would proceed with updated and high standards of movie productions. The young directors and producers should figure out creative ways to deliver the message to the audience. People soon get bored to see the typical frames of the movies, so it is a creative task for the filmmakers to do something unique and different.

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