Pain giving ceremonies across the world

This news report presents a series of pain giving ceremonies practiced in different areas of the world. These disturbing footages shatter the mind of the viewer. It is really difficult to watch these painful events on social and electronic media. The superstitious people from different areas of the world took part in these events either to commemorate the historic event or to satisfy the spirits.

People of different tribes are still practicing these rituals to stay focused, energize and satisfy their mind and body. Although; it is just the satisfaction of their mind. These events had nothing to do with the fate or fortunate of the man. These rituals give mental and physical pain to the one who practice.

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In most of the cases, people pierced their body with different objects. In some cases, people literally cut and slash some of their body parts. The Phuket vegetarian and Finger cutting festivals are the best examples of such an offensive event. It is quite unbelievable that the man of the 21st century world is involved in such activities. This news report is gaining popularity on social media.

The users of social media are quite surprised to know the realities of these events. The human rights authorities and social activists across the world are trying to take certain measures that bring awareness to these people. Many people lose the battle of their lives while practicing these rituals.

The religion of Islam is the only religion in the world that does not allow its followers to hurt themselves physically. The suicide and all such acts that results in physical pain are strictly forbidden in Islam. That is why the majority of the women of the Western world is becoming Muslims and following the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).