A passenger train in California

The news report of a passenger train in California is quite famous on social networks. It shows how a girl tried to run away in front of the train and vanishes within a second. The girl pays no attention to the sound of horned pressed by the train driver. Her wild gestures showed that she is trying to practice for her running competition.

The exact reason of her wild running is not revealed yet, maybe she was trying an attempt for a dare. The train system of California is up to the standards of the transportation system. People often used to travel on the train to enjoy the beauty of meadows and other scenic views of the cityscape.

California is one of the most beautiful states of the Unite States. The cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco are also situated in California. Both of these cities had a number of tourists’ destinations. It offers abundant diversity in tourism.

It is not wrong to state that this land is the home to several attractions. Tourists across the globe visit this state because this land offers something for everyone. The sites for eco-tourism are quite famous in this land. It is the home to thousands of tallest organisms found on mother earth.

The site of California-Redwoods and Sequoias usually grasps the attention of people. The Death Valley is another attraction for people to enjoy hiking and rock climbing. The rich diversity of nature offers a wide range of adventures for local and foreign visitors.

A passenger train in California