Prank by college students in India

The humorous news report of pranks played by college students in India urge the viewers to produce big laughter. It shows how students enjoy their college life and create funny moments to put them down in their memory book. The phase of college life is the most important part of any individual.

Almost all the Students used to enjoy this phase. Some of the colleges in India over burdened the students with excessive assignments. It becomes difficult for them to pay attention to co-curricular activities. It is often believed that college life is the best time to learn, enjoy and enhance capabilities to have a brighter future.

Studying all the time can bore the students. This news report had shown how students in India are playing pranks by using plastic snakes and scaring their fellows and friends. Some people showed ferocity and anger, while other enjoyed a lot. They used fish wires to tie the fake snake with the hand bags of female friends.

Some of them silently put these snakes in their bags. It is really hilarious to see the reactions of the victims. One girl showed her anger by slapping the boy who played this prank to her. The education system of India needs improvement. Students often complain about excessive loads of assignments, class tests and other submissions.

A group of Indian students decided to raise their voice collectively on social media and run a campaign that would help them to unwind the stressful minds of students. This prank was an initiative in this regard. There are countless activities that one can do in India. This is the land where one can enjoy at every time of the year. It had many things for locals and foreigners.

Prank by college students in India