Prank in a hotel room

This news report had shown how people make fool of teenage girls and destroy their lives in a hotel room. The younger generation of today does not realize the criticality of the matters and got trapped by some of the devils of the society. The movies and dramas of today give such lessons that urge the youngsters to cross all the limits of ethnicity.

The evidence is clearly seen in this news report of a hotel room. A girl was trying to increase the friendship with the son of her father’s friend. She booked a room in a three star hotel and invites that guy.

She was unaware of the fact that her boyfriend is the son of her dad’s friend. The guy is quite a sensible and mature minded person. He took advantage of the situation and called the parents of that girl. Her parents hide themselves in a bathroom. The girl gets shocked to see her parents.

She starts crying and give lame excuses. The father showed anger and scream on her acts. He explains the tragedies that may happen to her. The places like hotel room are not saved for girls. One can easily destroy their entire life. There are countless news reports that showed how girls are molested on hotel room and other places.

Specially, in the countries like India and Pakistan, women are not safe at any public area. Their lives remain at risk when they stepped out of their home. The social and economic constraints urge the women to go outside the home. Although; it is really difficult for women to sustain in such an unsafe and insecure society.

Girl in a hotel room