A prank of a road accident

A prank of a road accident urges the viewers to laugh blindly. This news report receives a good rating on social media. It actually shows the mentality of the people belongs to the land of the Subcontinent. A girl was riding on her cycle on the road surrounded by trees.

She was enjoying her ride and going on to her way, but suddenly she fell down. Her cycle could not able to run after the accident. The girl could not able to control the situation. She was injured a bit and had to pull her cycle forcefully. She gets tired and gasping heavily.

She tried to take help from the passersby, but no one stops to help her in such a situation. She makes funny tricks to grasp the attention of the people. Literally, no one was willing to help this miserable girl. Her all efforts gone into the vain.

She finally decided to play a prank while lying down on the main road. She pretends to receive several injuries due to this non-serious accident. A man came towards her, snatch her cycle, and put it into the trunk of his car.

This puzzle headed girl gets astound after seeing such act of a man.  She ran towards the car, but could not able to grab that greedy man. The funny sequences of this road accident are uploaded for the purpose of fun and entertainment.

Such news is released to unwind the stressful mind of the people. Young girl usually takes advantage of their gender. They tried to make other fool by playing the funny tricks. A glimpse of such girls is shown in this news report.

A prank of a road accident