Pranks on the streets of western world

Pranks on the streets of western world astounded most of the users of the social media. This news report is receiving mix reviews. It is ridiculous to discuss the issues that make no sense at all. Some people are literally creating fuss of nothing.

Their mentality urges them to create news reports of those facts that are very natural. The incident shown in this report is an example of such a ridicule act. The pranks are often played for the purpose of fun and entertainment, but this prank actually waste the time of the viewer.

It contains no information, but actual mock on the nature. It is really shameful that people are discussing such matters in this high technological world of the 21st century. Such matters literally need no awareness.

The narrow minded approach of a few people urges them to highlight some of the natural process occurring with the human beings. Not even a single creature of the mother earth allowed to challenge the natural phenomenon. It is not wrong to state that illiterate and lame categories of people allowed them to play such weird pranks.

They had plenty of time to think on such matters. Otherwise most of the people are busy to meet the needs of high cost living today. Life is really tough now; people had to work hard to keep pace with the updating trends of the world.

It is really unethical to mock on any one who is facing the special time of every month. The most astounding fact of such pranks is that the people of Western world are showing their interest in these matters.