Problems of a woman wearing Hijab

This news report had shown the problems of a woman wearing Hijab. It is frequently seen that people are physically and mentally hurting the dignity of the woman who wear hijab. It is quite regrettable to see the mentality of the so called modern people of the 21st century. It is not wrong to state the no religion is greater than humanity.

People do not want to understand this basic factor and intentionally tried their best to hurt the people of other religion. An example is seen in this news report. No one bothers to help a woman with Islamic attire and hijab. The tire of her car was getting punctures and she needs the help to get over the situation.

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People watch her in this discomfort zone, but ignore the matter. The woman frustrates and put off her hijab and jacket. She looks attracted in such a shameful dress. Now, many people are coming to help her. Their mentality urges them to cross all the limits. Most of these people are not helping the woman. Their evil intentions and negative approach urge them to help this woman.

The values of humanity are fading from the society day by day. This news report had gone viral on social media. The reviews of the people clearly show their anger on such a low mentality people. On the other hand, the extremist communities of the anti-Muslim parties appreciate the clumsy acts of the men.

They literally comment that a Muslim woman who wears hijab deserves such a behavior because they are blood lovers. They believed that Islam is the religion of violence and Muslims love to play with the blood, flesh and bones of a human. It is totally wrong thinking about Islam.