The relationship of dog and a human baby

The relationship of dog and a human baby set is one of the best examples of any relationship in the world today. The words are not enough to express the kindness showed by stray dog. He literally saved the life of the human baby who was about to die. The umbilical cord was even attached to that miserable baby.

Some sources revealed that the baby was a result of illegal relationship between an unknown man and woman that is why someone throws him in such a brutal way. The medical condition of the baby at that time is really critical. He was writhing in pain. The dog could able to hear the silent voice of pain from this baby.

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A bike rider saw the baby in the mouth of the dog, so he stopped his bike and called the rescue team to save the life of the little body. According to the hospital staff, baby is fine now. His health is recovering day by day. This case is under investigation. The police are trying to find the parents of the baby.

The bond of the dog and this human baby is exemplary. No one could even imagine that how the dog could help the human baby and eventually become a source of his survival. The real intention of releasing this news report is to ashamed those humans who had stone hearts.

The blood relations are fading in this brutal world of today, but the acts of this dog showed that life and death are only in the hands of Almighty. The animal lovers are showing interest in this news report. People are thinking to give something special to this stray dog. Actually, this animal deserves a special gift or award from the human being.