Relationship of a Saudi prince

Relationship of a Saudi prince ashamed his own nation to some extent. The news report had shown some of the disgusting acts of a Saudi prince as he was trying to create a relationship with a domestic worker. Such clumsy and lame acts of this prince will ultimately lead to critical conditions that may harm the dignity of the country.

The social media release thousands of cases that portray the humiliation and disrespect of the sacred. The acts of Saudi king or prince have always been the hot topic of the screens of the news channel. This news report also gives an evidence of immoral acts of a Saudi prince.

It is regrettable that the dirt of the desperations of the man for the woman will eventually harm the entire socio-economic structure of the society. The relationship between a man and woman is only acceptable if it is legal. Most of the times Muslims are responsible for creating the disgusting situation among the relationship.

Either it’s the area of Arabian belt, the region of the central Asia or some areas of the Subcontinent, the people belongs to Islam are spreading negativity and disregarding the teachings and principles of their religion. The negativity of such acts literally spoils the society. People showed no respect and dignity for the relationship.

It is not fair to blame the Muslims, the man belongs to any cast, color , class, religion, country or profession has the some evil intentions for the woman, he just finds the time to attack and molest the woman. Such news report actually hurt the dignity of the religion of Islam.

There is no doubt that the country of Saudi Arabia is a representor of Islam. This religion had its roots in the lands of Saudi Arabia. It absolutely does not suit to the prince and kings of this land to commit non-Islamic deeds and ashamed their nation. They are actually making fun of their own cultural and religious values.

Relationship of a Saudi prince