A series of road incidents

This news report had shown a series of road incidents on different parts of the world. The mind and soul of a viewer fell in grieve by watching such a terrible video of fatal incidents. The reckless behavior of the driver was the main cause of such serious incidents. The news report is gaining popularity on social and electronic media.

The variety of transportation means eventually urges the passenger to explore new journeys and enjoy interesting rides on different means of transportation. Regrettably, people forgot the limitations and laws of driving. The driver loses the control on the vehicle as a result of which, the vehicle collides and crashes badly.

The evidences are clearly seen in this news report. The victim of such incidents loses their lives on the spot. Although, the survived victim remained in agony and pain throughout his/her life. The roads in different areas of the world are quite dangerous and challenging for the drivers, but it does not mean to drive like an animal and forget all the rules and regulation of traffic.

The negligent behavior of the drivers and his careless attitude results in such incidents. According to a survey, more than ninety percent of the road incidents across the globe are due to the human error. Rarely, such cases occurred due to the failure of the vehicle or the poor condition of roads.

The negligence of the driver is basically the main reason. Some of The other factors like distractions, mobile phone ring, and chit chat with people may end up in fatal incidents. The percentage of such incidents is comparatively high on western and Arabian countries.

A series of road incidents