Shameful Acts of a fake peer

This news report had shown a series of shameful acts of a fake peer. Regrettably, most of the Asian countries are suffering by the increasing numbers of the fake peer. Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are among top lists of the countries where most of the people are trapped in this curse. In the name of religions, they fool the people and snatch their money.

They pretended to be a special person of God and promised them to fulfill all of the wishes of the one who came to their place regularly. The reality is that the fake peer is an illiterate devil who played with the lives of thousands of people just for the greed of money. They had no fear of God; they played with the lives of thousands of people and took advantage of their hardships.

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Fake peer asked people to bring mad animals like cockeyed owl, insane goat, deaf sheep, blind cow, etc. they just want to disturb the people and created troubles for them. They took thousands of rupees from people and pretend that they are having all the solutions to their problems.

The lack of education and wrong beliefs of the people urge them to go to such weird places. They tell all of their life history and secrets to them and the peer take advantages of their innocence. Women usually became the victims of such people. They tried to harass the women many times.

It is the responsibility of each of individual to unveil the reality of such people, just for the sake of their society. Although some of the TV shows are doing great jobs. Social media is also playing a positive role to bring awareness among the people who believe on the fake peer. This news report had also revealed the reality of the fake peer and showed some of the tricks used by them to fool the people.