Shameful acts of a Saudi prince

This news report had shown a series of shameful acts of a Saudi prince at LA Mansion. This news had gone viral on social, electronic and print media. It is quite difficult for the Saudi Arabia put a veil on the entire situation. He was trying to molest a domestic worker and force her to pass the time in his private room.

It is unethical to force someone. The victimize girl raised her voice and requested the government to do justice to her. She was quite brave girl. She did not think about her reputation. This girl actually proves that dignity had no boundaries. One had to raise his/her voice if he/she is in pain.


The police of the Los Angeles arrested the Saudi prince and released him on the bail of $300,000. Regrettably, this news report did not ashamed the culprit who was Saudi Prince. He actually tried to humiliate the name of his country in front of the world. Usually the matters of Saudi Arabia affect the dignity of the religion of Islam.

People across the world are mocking on the people who belong to this religion. They forcefully connected everything to Islam. The Saudi Prince had to think about each of his acts before committing such a big mistake. His life is not private as he was born in the royal family of Saudi Arabia.

He should be trained in such a way that he should eventually follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This news report is receiving negative reviews of the people. Although; non-Muslims are making fun of Saudi prince and his family. These people are relating this matter with Islam and its teachings.