Spider man saves a woman

The fictional character of the spider man is an inspiration for the teenagers of today. He is not just a fascinating character, but also a character that about which people think and discuss. The cartoons, movies and dramas of this character is very popular among different people.

The hilarious, entertaining series about this man urge the people to ask different questions from actors. Such a fictional characters are always favourites among the youngsters and older ones.The super powers of this giant man always attract the kids.

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His attractive dress, flaunt gestures and a bold body language simply showed the positivity of this character. People love to watch the movies of this character. People from all walks of life appreciate the courage of spider man. This news report is also revolves around the courageous acts of this character.

A spider man saves a woman on a public area. It is a strange news. The woman was in pain as she was teased by a man. He was forcing her for something, and the woman does not want to hear anything. He intends to abduct the woman and use her for his personal interests. No one dares to save the woman except the famous character of sci-fi movies.

The arrival of spider man eradicates all the problems of that woman. He used his powers and take revenge from that man. Then he took the car of the man and escaped into his world. Although, the entire scene was created for the purpose of entertainment. There is no reality behind the scenario shown in this news report. The rating on social media also affects the