Strangest rituals of the world

A series of some of the strangest rituals of the world is briefly portrayed in this news report. The customary observance on specific time of the year is the literal meaning of rituals. Practicing the rituals is often considered sacred. It is something that connects the people with their God.

It is not wrong to state that rituals spiritually connect and satisfy the soul of the man. There are different conflicts on practicing specific rituals that had adverse effects on the human beings, but people considered it calamitous and disastrous if they don’t practice it. The Phuket vegetarian festival is an example of such rituals.

The natives of Phuket who had Chinese origin followed a strict vegetarian diet. This event is celebrated to purify the spirit and impress their God. It held on the ninth month of the Chinese calendar. People walk on fire; play with burning coals, and pierce different parts of their bodies with nails, knives and spears.

They intend to purify their souls from the evil spirits. Similarly the crucifixion in Philippines is often practiced by the Christians of Philippines to commemorate the incident of Jesus’s Crucifixion. These people physically hurt them to express the pain of Jesus Christ. The finger cutting rituals of dani tribe is another example of strange ritual practiced on different areas of the world.

In this case, old women cut their fingers on the death of their dear ones. A dead body of the human being is placed on top of mountain in sky burial rituals. The carnivore feed themselves with the dead meat. One of the religious sects of Hinduism is known as Aghori. These people smear themselves with the ashes of dead human and carve the dead human skull to satisfy their gods. They are badly criticized by orthodox Hindus.

Strangest rituals of the world