Student life in India

Student life in India is becoming quite tedious and boring nowadays. Students often complain about it. They were obsessed with burdens loaded by their teachers. This news report had shown that a group of students in India decided to create a platform on social media, where they can share their experiences and give fresh ideas for students to get out of their stressful life.

They also requested the administration of different colleges to scrutinize their syllabus and redesign it while considering the capabilities of students. Life in India is very busy. Everyone is busy to fulfill the requirements of this high cost living. Even college students of India are doing part time jobs to fulfill the expense of their education.

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The prank played by this team is no doubt hilarious. It urges anyone to laugh blindly. This news report is receiving a good rating on social media. They used plastic lizards, snakes and scorpions for frighten their peers and make fun of them. They put such things in the handbags of their class fellows. Some of them tied the animals with their bags.

The fake animal also drags with the victim as he/she move away from it. The female students were scared and scream for a while. The atmosphere created by these students in India is quite good and healthy. It eventually helps them in their studies as well. Such activities and fun programs are good for the students.

Almost all the students enjoyed and tried their best to frightened one another. Some tedious, nerdy and boring students furiously react to the one who played the prank with them, but soon they realize that this series of prank was played just for entertainment purposes. Afterwards, they also participated and scared one another.