Supernatural powers of human beings

It is often believed that Almighty blessed some of His supernatural powers only to the prophets and saints. This statement is true in a way. This news report briefly portrays the list of the normal human beings of the world that had some unique abilities. This news report is receiving a high rating on social media.

A large group of people is showing their interest in information related to the supernatural powers of human beings. Such reports are uploaded for information purposes. The intention of showing such news reports is never intended to target any religion or to criticize the beliefs of people. Liam Hoekstra is a kid with the body of a bodybuilder.

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He walk when he was just two days old. His heroic ability astounded the doctors just after his birth. Detected with retinal cancer, Ben Underwood could not able to see the world; his eyes were removed during the treatment of cancer. Almighty blessed him with a supernatural power of echolocation. Some sources revealed that Underwood was the only human being blessed with this ability.

Dolphins used this power to sense the object near them. An iceman named Wim Hof can stand in ice for several hours. His body temperature remains normal when he stands in ice. He travelled on the top of Mount Everest wearing the shorts only. Stephen Wiltshire had the problem related with autism. He could not able to speak, but his sketching talent makes him the man with supernatural power.

No one in this world can sketch like Wiltshire. The city scape of New York, London, Paris and many other cities were sketched by this man in a photorealistic way. Michel Lotito can eat metal and many other indigestible things. He literally craves for such things. A man with extra sharp memory is non other that Kim Peek. He had extraordinary mind. A movie named rain man was also inspired by the supernatural ability of Kim Peek.